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At Sneak Peek we use 2D and 4D & HD ultrasound. Our gender determinations will be done primarily in 2D with a Quick Peek of 4D/HD, and our 4D/HD ultrasound will only use 2D briefly to position the 4D/HD and measure your baby, therefore your Sneak Peek will be primarily in 4D/HD Real-Time. We do not use 3D ultrasound as it has become outdated and we are able to acquire much better image quality with 4D and HDLive Ultrasound.

2D (2-Dimensional) ultrasound is standard black and white ultrasound that most people are familiar with and the kind they generally use at your Doctors office. With 2D ultrasound, you will see the baby’s organs and skeletal system. This is very useful for measurements, seeing and hearing the heartbeat, and to detect abnormalities.

3D (3-Dimensional) ultrasound redirects the sound waves to the surface of an object, in our case the surface of your baby! Therefore, you will be able to see the baby from the outside instead of its bones. Using 3D ultrasound, you will get a still or static image of the outside of your baby.

4D (4-Dimensional) ultrasound is 3D in Real-Time, therefore during a 4D ultrasound, you are viewing the baby live! You will be able to visualize facial expressions, yawns, crying, sucking the thumb or toe, hiccups and much more.

HDLive is High Definition 4d!!!! HDLive is unlike anything you have seen in the prenatal imaging industry, and Sneak Peek is proud to be the first to make this amazing technology available to you at no additional cost! HDLive uses a virtual light source to manipulate the 4D image and make it look even more realistic than standard 4D imaging.

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Sneek peek is an awesome place. The ultrasound tech there is amazing. She takes her time to answer questions and also explains everything about what you are looking at. My experience was great will definitely be going back.

Katie Richard

I was 21 weeks when I had the 3D/4D ultrasound done and I was shocked by how much of my baby I was actually able to see. The facility itself was so warm and welcoming. I was so glad that I was able to share that amazing experience with my family. I can’t wait to go back when I get further along! Thank you again!!

Lauren A

Loved our experience at Sneak Peak! We drove all the way from Texas to be able to share our experience with family and this place far exceeded our expectations!! We can’t stop staring at the images of our little blessing!


I went when I was 14 weeks and absolutely loved it. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I was amazed at how everything went that I booked my next session while I was there. I definitely recommend this place to anyone. I can’t wait to visit in July to see how my baby girl will look.


This as a great experience for seeing my first baby. My husband and I were happy with the service. The staff was very friendly and great to talk to. My father in law was speechless throughout the whole viewing. I would recommend this clinic to anyone wishing for viewings or pictures. If I could rate it out of 100, it would be in the thousands. Thank you so much for this first time experience.

Alicia Morton

We did an early gender reveal with friends and family when I was 15 weeks. Sneak Peek did an AMAZING job!! We were able to see our baby girl moving around and we really enjoyed every second of it. I was so thankful that my grandmother, who is in her late 70’s, was able to see her great-granddaughter on that TV screen. We will be back in a few weeks, to see how much she’s grown in 15 weeks!!

Ashley Pellerin Leger

Both times I went we had the best experience and the staff was so nice to everyone!! Highly recommend.

Jasmine Leblanc

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Welcome to Lafayette’s original premier 4D Ultrasound Facility, we have been serving all of Louisiana, and beyond since 2007. At Sneak Peek Ultrasound we use state of the art technology, so you can rest assured you will be able to see not only what he or she is doing, but also exactly what your baby looks like. Your Sneak Peek will be an amazing experience you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.