Pre-Appointment Form

Please Complete Before Your Appointment
In an effort to minimize contact and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are asking all clients to complete the required paperwork online before your appointment

    Waiver and Release

    Prenatal Care: I acknowledge that I have been informed by Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC that prenatal care is important to a healthy pregnancy. I am currently receiving prenatal care and my doctor has been informed and has no objections to my attending this sonography session.

    Concerns Should Be Referred to Physician: I have also been informed by Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC services cannot substitute for care of a physician. If I have any concerns regarding my pregnancy, I will contact my doctor. I will in no way rely upon Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC or it’s services for medical advice.

    No Professional Negligence Claims: I am purchasing Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC services, and products for a keepsake, non-medical purposes. I agree that I have no right to recourse against Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC in any medical-malpractice, professional negligence, or any medical-related claim arising out of or in any way related to my pregnancy or the birth of my child. This includes any claim for error in gender determination.

    Assumptions of Risks: I acknowledge that there is an inherent risk in any activity involving a fetus and there are potential risks in this type of activity. I understand Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC follows FDA recommendations for length of scan and frequency of ultrasound waves, and that no detrimental effects have been found in 40 years of studies.

    Waiver and Release of Claims: I hereby waive, release, acquit and forever discharge Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC from any and all claims, expenses, demands, costs, causes of action, and other actions and liabilities, of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, whether in the law or equity, that I or my baby may have to arise out of or in any way related to my visit to Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC.

    Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC: As defined in this document Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC shall include Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC, its owners, officers, agents, employees, independent contractors, attorneys, and affiliated related entities.

    Photo Release: I give Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC permission to post or use any photos or recorded data for advertisement purposes. I understand no names will be posted or used with the photos.

    Picture Quality: I understand quality is dependent on many factors. I understand that Sneak Peek Ultrasound, LLC is not always able to obtain pictures of every baby. I understand no refunds are available if unable to obtain pictures or gender.

    I have read, understand, and agree to all of the above.


    For the best Sneak-peek experience please read the following:
    If you are arriving late for your scheduled appointment time, Sneak Peek may not be able to accommodate your entire visit.

    If you are planning on using Face Time or Skype during your Sneak Peek, please have it on and ready upon entering the ultrasound room to avoid any delay. The Wi-Fi password is sneakpeek4d

    If you are not finding out the gender of your baby; or are having a gender reveal and don’t wish to find out during your Sneak Peek please alert the receptionist/ultrasound tech.

    You WILL NEED a semi-full bladder for this ultrasound, if you have been holding your bladder for an hour or more please alert the receptionist.

    If you would like to purchase a Stuffed Animal with your baby’s heartbeat please let us know prior to your Sneak Peek, so that we can record the heartbeat.

    sneak peek 4d ultrasound lafayette la

    Welcome to Lafayette’s original premier 4D Ultrasound Facility, we have been serving all of Louisiana, and beyond since 2007. At Sneak Peek Ultrasound we use state of the art technology, so you can rest assured you will be able to see not only what he or she is doing, but also exactly what your baby looks like. Your Sneak Peek will be an amazing experience you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.