The following questions are the most frequently asked questions about 4D/HDLive ultrasound; however if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D & HDLive ultrasound? What will I view at my Sneak Peek?

2D or 2 Dimensional ultrasound is standard black and white ultrasound like they use at your Dr's office. With 2D ultrasound you will see the baby's organs and skeletal system. This is very useful for measurements, heart beat, and to detect abnormalities.

3D or 3 Dimensional ultrasound redirects the sound waves as to show the surface of an object, in our case the surface of your baby! So you will be able to see the baby from the outside instead of its bones.

4D or 4 Dimensional ultrasound is when you are using 3D in Real Time, meaning you are viewing the baby live as they are occurring in the womb. So you will be able to visualize facial expressions, yawns, crying, sucking the thumb or toe, and much more.

HDLive is High Definition 4d!!!! HDLive is unlike anything you have seen in the prenatal imaging industry, and Sneak Peek is proud to be the first to make this amazing technology available to you at no additional cost!

At Sneak Peek we use both 2D and 4D & HD ultrasound. Our gender determinations will be done primarily in 2D with a Quick Peek of 4D/HD; and our 4D/HD ultrasound will only use 2D briefly to position the 4D/HD and measure your baby, therefore your Sneak Peek will be primarily in 4D/HD Real Time.

What is the App and Video I can add to my Sneak Peek?

The App is a digital Folio of all of your Sneak Peek images. The Folio saves to your phones desktop as an Icon! You can share the App via email, text and social media! This is a customer favorite!

The Video is a Real Time Stream of your entire Sneak Peek, similar to watching a DVD....but the video can now be sent directly to your email address to be viewed on any device and shared via email or social media!

What should I wear to my ultrasound? What if I have piercings on my belly?

You may wear whatever you like, however Sneak Peek recommends that you NOT wear your regular jeans that button and zip. Not only do regular jeans make it harder to visualize the pelvic area because they are tight, but the button and zipper on regular jeans may pose a threat to the special 4D probe. Maternity Pants with a belly band are perfect, or you are welcome to wear a dress or skirt and we will be happy to provide you with a sheet to cover your legs and bottom.

If you have a belly ring, you will have to remove it prior to your Sneak Peek; 4D/HD ultrasound probes are specially designed with crystals and should never come into contact with metal. If you have dermal piercings that cannot be removed Sneak Peek will NOT be able to perform your ultrasound until you have them removed surgically.

How early should I arrive to Sneak Peek? What happens if I am late?

You should arrive to Sneak Peek five to ten minutes before your scheduled appointment. The appointment time we give you is the start time of your Sneak Peek, therefore all paperwork and payments should take place a few minutes before this time. Your ultrasound will begin at the time your appointment is scheduled, so please arrive on time to ensure maximum viewing time allotted.

If you are late this will most likely result in your Sneak Peek being cut short, and if you miss the entire appointment time we have allotted for your Sneak Peek you will most likely have to reschedule. As we schedule all appointments back to back, and we promise each mom that her appointment will begin on time. Sneak Peek is very generous with how much time you receive for your appointment so please make every attempt to not be late.

Do I need to have a full bladder for my ultrasound? How long should I hold it?

Yes, we do require that all moms have a least a semi full bladder for their Sneak Peek. This helps hold the baby outside your pelvis, and makes it easier to visualize.  It is best to empty your bladder NO LESS THAN 15 minutes prior to your Sneak Peek appointment time. (For example, if your Sneak Peek is at 2:00pm, then you can use the restroom at 1:45pm....but not any time after that) If you need to arrive 15 minutes early so you can empty your bladder, or stop somewhere on your way to empty. It's always best to begin your ultrasound with a full bladder and the technician will let you empty it if she sees it's necessary.

What if I am unable to make it to my appointment? What is the cancellation policy?

We understand life is busy, and plans change...if you are unable to attend your Sneak Peek for any reason please call 48 hours in advance to either cancel or reschedule prior to your appointment. There are other moms just like you who would like to have your appointment spot if you can't make it. We now have a 24 hour last minute cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel 24 hours or more before your appointment your card on file will be charged a $50 NO SHOW FEE. This is due to the fact that a technician will be present for your appointment.

Also, if you were required to pay a deposit for a Friday or Saturday appointment this is non-refundable. Therefore if you miss your appointment you will not receive any money back and it will not count toward another appointment. The deposit will be for that appointment only. We will also charge an additional $30 to your card on file for Friday & Saturday NO SHOWS.

Why do some Facilities advertise they will get me better pictures if we did not get good pictures elsewhere?

We cannot speak for other facilities or their advertisements, but we can tell you that Sneak Peek customers are always overwhelmingly satisfied, and return to Sneak Peek for each subsequent pregnancy. You can view our Testimonial Page, or our Facebook page to read what people are saying.

While scheduling your appointment, we always provide detailed instructions during our phone conversation about what you can do to achieve great pictures. When all instructions are followed we see incomparable results. However not everyone chooses to follow instructions and they may not get the best images of their baby.

Every 3 years Sneak Peek upgrades equipment to the latest brand new State of the art ultrasound machine, so we will ALWAYS obtain the best possible images of your baby! Sneak Peek also only staffs MEDICALLY CERTIFIED ultrasound technicians to perform your ultrasound, and that is why we can offer you much more than other facilities of our kind. At Sneak Peek you will not only see what your baby looks like, but you will also find out how much he/she weighs, if the baby has hair, what the heart rate is, and what position your baby is in...These are only a few examples of what you can expect from us! Don't be fooled by false advertisement and promises, Sneak Peek remains to be the best in the industry since 2007...just ask thousands of our satisfied customers!

Who will be performing my ultrasound? What are their qualifications?

Lynn Hays, RVT, DMS is our full time ultrasound technician. She is not only a RDMS medically certified ultrasound technician, but also a Mother of 3!

 After attending four years of undergraduate college, Lynn graduated with a degree in all modalities of ultrasound from The Florida Institute of Ultrasound, an accredited diagnostic ultrasound school. She has worked in the field of diagnostic ultrasound for several years, and is registered with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, as well as a member of The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and the Society of Vascular Ultrasound. She is an expert in the field of 4D/HDLive ultrasound; and has been responsible for training several ultrasound techs in 4D/HDLive ultrasound from around the country and Canada. Lynn researched methods of preforming early gender determination for several years, and followed hundred of case studies before becoming eligible to preform this type of scan for you today.

Our part time technicians have also attended ultrasound school to become medically certified, and work full time doing obstetric ultrasound at local hospitals. Feel free to visit our facility and view our technicians diplomas and accreditation's.

Why is it important that the technician performing my 4D ultrasound be Medically Certified?

Good Question! First of all you need to understand that being Medically Certified means that the technician went to Diagnostic Medical Sonography school and has obtained a Certification allowing them to perform ultrasounds of any kind. In order to work in a Hospital or Doctor office an Ultrasound Technician must be have completed Sonography School. ALL of the ultrasound technicians at Sneak Peek have been to school for Ultrasound! This is extremely important because ultrasound school is where technicians learn the medical aspect of what they are doing, and allows them to diagnose problems when observed during your scan. While having a 4D Ultrasound should not be considered Diagnostic in nature, if something were to be noticeably wrong with your baby, you can rest assured Sneak Peek technicians have and will alert your OB/GYN of any problem they see! Some facilities have one Medically Certified technician on their staff so they can claim to have “experienced sonographers,” but they are not telling you the person doing your ultrasound may not be an ultrasound tech at all…they might not have ever been to school for ultrasound, or know anything about diagnostic ultrasound. This should be the most important thing to you when trying to decide where to have your 4D ultrasound performed please ask when scheduling your appointment if ultrasound will be performed by a trained medical professional, or someone who learned on the job? Your OB/GYN is licensed, shouldn’t your sonographer be?

Will my insurance cover my 3D ultrasound?

No. Currently insurance does not cover that cost of 3D or 4D ultrasound. Having a 4d ultrasound is a completely elective service, and should not take the place of your physician’s diagnostic ultrasound.  Payment will be required at the time of service, however Sneak Peek ALWAYS has the most affordable packages.

Do you have an OB/GYN on staff?

 No, Sneak Peek does not have an OB/GYN on staff. We are an elective freestanding 4D facility. We are not located in a Dr's office. Our environment is everything but clinical. We have been in business since 2007 and have observed abnormalities on many babies unfortunately. Our policy is to alert your personal OB/GYN immediately if we feel there is something of concern. By hiring medically trained technicians Sneak Peek is fully capable of performing an ultrasound without being overseen by a doctor. Furthermore, if any facility claims to have a physician on staff, I would question why, what is their purpose and where is this Dr located?! Is he/she in the 4D facility, is he/she in the same town for that matter? Does he/she actually look at every scan on a daily or even weekly basis? Will your OB/GYN be alerted if anything abnormal is observed?

Does this take the place of my Doctor’s ultrasound?

No! Absolutely not. Please remember that your Sneak Peek Ultrasound will be a completely elective, non-diagnostic exam, and should in no way be used in place of your physician’s diagnostic exam. A 4d ultrasound should be considered  entertainment and a wonderful bonding experience.

With that being said, through the course of your Sneak Peek if anything abnormal is observed you OB/GYN will be alerted. Our technicians goal is NOT to look for anything in particular other than getting you great images of your baby.

Is it safe? Will the baby or me be at risk?

The key to safety is the qualifications of the sonographers performing the exam.  Not all 4D/HDLive facilities have Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.  At Sneak Peek Ultrasound we hire only ARMDS registered sonographers, to ensure you and your unborn child the safest exam possible.  Furthermore extensive studies over the past 30 years have found that ultrasound has not shown any harmful effects to mother or baby.  4D/HDLive ultrasound uses the exact same intensity as a normal 2D ultrasound. No ultrasound uses any type of radiation or harmful agents; the images are simply created with the use of sound waves.

When can I make an appointment?

Sneak Peek is open Monday through Saturday, and we also offer late night appointments on Wednesdays. We do work by appointment only, so you will need to schedule prior to receiving your Sneak Peek.

When is the best time to receive my 4D ultrasound?

4D ultrasound can be preformed at any point in pregnancy. You are welcome to have your Sneak Peek as early as 10 weeks however the baby's appearance is a bit skeletal until about 24 weeks.  By 27 weeks babies get much chunkier and you will be able to clearly make out any facial features. We have observed the best time between 27 and 34 weeks gestation; with 30 weeks being the most optimal. To see when is your best time check our pregnancy calendar.

How soon should I schedule my appointment?

We recommend that you call to schedule your Sneak Peek as soon as you decide this is something you are interested in doing. Our schedule for Saturdays and evenings fills up several weeks in advance, so you will need to schedule very early. If you want an appointment Monday through Friday during the daytime you should schedule about one to two weeks early. Our Staff will always try to get you in at a time convenient for you and your family.

Will I always get beautiful pictures?

In most cases you will. Sometimes babies are not in the mood to be photographed, and we can have a difficult time getting clear images of their face. If this does happen we will ask you to roll to either side, or get up and walk around, most of the time the baby will change his or her position, and we will try again to obtain better images. We cannot promise that your babies pictures will look the same as ones you have previously seen, however we will always do our best to ensure the highest quality images possible.

What can I do to ensure the best pictures of my baby?

The most important thing you can do to ensure good pictures is to drink plenty of water (minimum of one gallon per day) in the days and weeks leading up to your scan! The more hydrated you are, the clearer the pictures will be! By drinking plenty of water you can increase the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Unlike standard 2D ultrasound (black and white) 4D/HDLive ultrasound requires a significant amount of Amniotic Fluid in order to see the baby with great clarity. Without an ample amount of fluid you WILL NOT get good pictures of your baby. We understand this seems like a lot of water and a bit impossible, but it is the best thing you can do, and a sacrifice most moms are willing to make in order to obtain beautiful images. Other things that will effect the clarity of your images is the baby's position, position of the placenta, and size of the mommy.

You can also try to pay attention to what wakes your baby up, and do that on the day of your Sneak Peek; for some moms this means eating a meal, for others it means having some fruit juice! Do whatever works for you and your baby so we can see him/her awake and in the mood to play! When babies sleep, they sometimes tend to roll over and face moms back, or bottom, and we cannot see their cute little faces. As long as we can see the baby's face, the baby can continue sleeping.

We have observed at times even when parents are seeing beautiful pictures of the babies face, they are still hoping for more, such as seeing the baby awake and moving. Sneak Peek encourages you to try not to have this attitude because you may regret not enjoying this special time with you and your baby. We urge you to enjoy the fun and some of the funny positions your baby prefers rather than holding out for the perfect glamour shot. Remember most unborn babies sleep between 20 and 22 hours a day, so it is unlikely that your baby will be awake during your Sneak Peek. Even though he/she is sleeping, the baby may still yawn, stretch, suck its thumb or toe, and even stick its tongue out!

Can you tell me the sex of my baby? What if I don't want to find out the gender?

Of course! Sneak Peek Ultrasound is one of the only facilities who can offer gender determination as early as 13 weeks pregnant with incomparable accuracy. We are truly experts at determining the gender of your baby, so if that is what you are looking for, then look no more. 

If you do not wish to know the sex of your baby please do not be afraid to still have a 4D ultrasound. Our technicians are highly trained, and know exactly which body part they are viewing at all times. If you inform the technician that you wish to keep the baby's gender a surprise, they will not scan near the baby's genitals. We have NEVER accidentally revealed a baby's gender during a Sneak Peek since 2007!

Over the past few years Gender Reveal Parties are becoming more and more popular, and Sneak Peek is happy to help out! When you schedule your appointment please let the receptionist know what your reveal plans are. When you have your ultrasound performed our technician will let you view your baby almost the entire time while she discreetly determines the gender and seals the verdict in an envelope. Then we can call your bakery or anyone you would like to inform them the gender of the baby so they can plan your event!!! We will also be happy to help out with any other special requests you have.

Can I bring my family and friends? What about kids?

Absolutely.  We encourage you to share this amazing experience with family and friends. Sneak Peek has made every effort to provide a very comfortable atmosphere. You can have 12  people comfortably in the room with you, and if you have more than 12 they they are also welcome to join the fun! We don't have a limit, but please be aware that you may all get crowded if you have 20 or more guests.

We have no problem with kids! After all, isn't that what pregnancy is all about?! From time to time children are afraid of the dark ultrasound room, or seeing mommy on the bed. If this is the case with your child and he or she is crying please don't feel they have to leave the room, our technicians have children too, and are used to hearing them cry. 

How long will I have to wait for my App and/or video?

With our new streamlined process once your Sneak Peek is complete you are good to go! Both your App and Video will be sent to your email address within an hour after your appointment.

What kind of ultrasound equipment do you use?

At Sneak Peek Ultrasound we only use state of the art technology - The GE Voluson E8 to complete all exams. The GE Voluson E8 is brand new and considered the best machine for performing obstetric ultrasounds!

If I am overweight or obese will I be able to get clear pictures?

If you are overweight you should not be afraid to have a 4D ultrasound, however we strongly urge that you wait until after 32 weeks gestation to give the baby time to obtain more fat. If you are overweight you will need to have a VERY high level of amniotic fluid to obtain clear images of the baby. If you drink the recommend amount of water in the weeks leading up to your appointment there is no reason you should not be able to obtain great images!

Will I be able to see if my baby has hair during my 4D/HDLive ultrasound?

Yes and No, many parents and grandparents wonder if they will be able to see the baby's hair during their ultrasound. Unfortunately 4D/HDLive ultrasound technology cannot see any hair on the baby, however standard 2d (black and white) ultrasound can usually pick up strands of hair! Be sure to ask your medically trained and certified technician to check and see if your baby has any hair!

Can I bring snacks or use my cell phone while at Sneak Peek?

In order to keep our facility in superb condition for you and any future customers we do not allow and food or drinks anywhere inside our facility. Furthermore Sneak Peek is a smoke-free facility, so please do not smoke within 25 feet of our entrance, or enter immediately after smoking.

We prohibit the use of cell phones while inside our facility in order for everyone to enjoy a relaxing experience especially during your Sneak Peek. Use of cell phones may cause unfavorable interference with our ultrasound machine.

Where is your Facility Located?

Sneak Peek is located in Lafayette, La on Ambassador Caffery in Cordoba. Cordoba is a large group of Professional Office Buildings (Tan Stucco) directly across from Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and the new Costco Shopping Center, and just past Women's and Children's Hospital.  (Click for Directions)

What should I expect upon arrival at Sneak Peek?

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out some brief paperwork and pay for your apt. You will then be shown to a comfy, kid friendly waiting room until it is time for your Sneak Peek. The technician will call you into a Theater Viewing Sneak Peek room at your scheduled apt. time. You and your family will enjoy seeing your bundle of joy in panoramic view on THREE separate flat screen TVs!! Your entire experience at Sneak Peek will always be comfortable and professional.

Is there a lot of traffic in Lafayette, La?

Unfortunately, YES! The traffic in Lafayette has gotten worse and worse in recent years....especially on FRIDAYS. If you schedule an appointment on Friday please allow yourself an extra 30 minutes of drive time.

Also, our facility is not located near the interstate, so please factor in the distance from the interstate to our facility when planning your trip.

We will provide you with detailed directions when you schedule your appointment.

What if my baby is breech?

Breech position simply means that the baby's head is positioned at the top of your uterus. If you know that your baby is breech prior to your Sneak Peek we do advise you reschedule your appointment a few weeks to allow more time for the baby to turn into the vertex or head down position. Good pictures can be obtained with breech babies but are much more likely if the baby is head down. However some babies remain breech until very late in the pregnancy or never turn, if this is the case you can still have a Sneak Peek and we should be able to get good images if you have plenty of amniotic fluid.

We hope these questions have helped you decide whether or not a 4D/HDLive ultrasound is right for you and your baby; if you have further questions please contact us today!

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