Times are changing and so must we! At Sneak Peek Ultrasound we not only strive to always give you the very best possible ultrasound, but also provide you with the latest technology available. For many years we have provided a CD of images and a DVD of your video session, however the way we view photos and videos have changed so drastically in recent years we are excited to announce Sneak Peek is now completely digital!! As of 2018 our prices will be broken into Service Fees and A la carte Fees, you can choose whichever Sneak Peek best fits your needs and you can decide to add on any items you like (see list below).

Prices Including HD LIVE!!!  [see photos/video]

Wow!  We offer:

  • HDLive (High Definition 4D)
    • We are one of the only facilities with this brand new technology and we are happy to share it with you at no extra cost!
  • Theater Viewing
    • All Sneak Peeks include no limit theater viewing. We have no limit on how many guests attend your Sneak Peek, however our theater viewing room fits 12 comfortably.
  • Medically Certified Ultrasonographers
    • Sneak Peek is the only Free Standing 4D/HDLive Facility in Lafayette who Staff ONLY Medically Trained and Registered Ultrasound Technicians. Your ultrasound at Sneak Peek will always be performed by someone who has been to School and trained in the Field on Medical Sonography GUARANTEED!
  • No Wait
    • Unlike traditional scheduled appointments, at Sneak Peek Ultrasound we never overbook appointments, so you will never have any waiting period. Your ultrasound will always start at it's scheduled appointment time.
  • Relaxing Experience
    • Enjoy viewing your baby on three separate flat screen TV's while relaxing on a Pillow Top Mattress listening to baby lullabies
  • No Extra Fees
    • You will not have to pay any extra fees to have your Sneak Peek on Saturdays!

QUICK SNEAK PEEK $50 (Twins $60)

  • 8+ weeks gestation
  • 5 minute Sneak Peek
  • 2D ultrasound only
  • NO Gender determination
  • Heartbeat & Weight Measurements
  • $5 off return visit
  • *Perfect for due date estimate, positional information and weight measurements!

GENDER SNEAK PEEK $90 (Twins $110)

*$10 off if over 16 weeks
  • 13-20 weeks gestation
  • 10-15 minute Sneak Peek
  • 2D/4D/HDLive ultrasound
  • Heartbeat & Weight Measurements
  • Gender Determination
  • $10 off return visit

15 MINUTE 4D/HD SNEAK PEEK $115 (Twins $145)

  • 20+ weeks
  • 15 minute Sneak Peek
  • 2D/4D/HDLive ultrasound
  • Heartbeat & Weight Measurements
  • $20 off return visit

25 MINUTE 4D/HD SNEAK PEEK $140 (Twins $170)

  • 20+ weeks
  • 25 minute Sneak Peek
  • 2D/4D/HDLive ultrasound
  • Heartbeat & Weight Measurements
  • $20 off return visit

A la carte:

  • Printed Thermal Images $5
  • App for your smart phone- includes all the images from your Sneak Peek $10 (If you already have an app from your first session we can add your next session for $5)
  • Video- digital download of your Sneak Peek in real time $20
  • Stuffed Animal with your baby's heartbeat recording $20-$28
  • Heartbeat recording $10
  • Gender Reveal Envelope FREE

Military Discount!

Please call to inquire!

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